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About Us

The Pakistan Society of Health-System Pharmacists (PSHP) is a non-commercial, non- religious and non-political society comprising of a group of professional pharmacists who are striving to build & practice professional Pharmacy Services in Pakistan to enhance the quality of health care.

Established in year 2007, PSHP has been successfully advocating & functioning providing a platform for the enhancement & growth of Pharmacy Professionals as well as Pharmacy Students. The executive body of the society includes pharmacists from various esteemed private and public organizations.

PSHP is committed to provide its ongoing services to building capacity, update knowledge and establish the role of Pharmacists as vital members of the health care team. One of its key goals is to improve patient care and patient safety and to provide an interactive professional environment in which pharmacists can maximize their potential to care for their patients.

Our Mission

The mission of the Pakistan Society of Health-System Pharmacists, (PSHP) is to assist pharmacists in organized health care settings and to provide leadership that will allow pharmacy and pharmacists to:

    • * Deliver high quality pharmaceutical services that foster efficacy, safety, and cost effectiveness
    • * Build a good relationship between health care needs of the public and the practice of pharmacy.
    • * Promote pharmacists as vital members of the health care team.
  • * To provide an interactive region-wise environment whereby pharmacists can strive to achieve their full potential in scope of knowledge and provide supportive expertise towards quality patient care.

Our Vision

Empowering Pharmacists….Improving Health care

Our Objective

    • * Career Guidance to nurture a continuous professional growth of a Pharmacist.
    • * Fostering  a professional environment for Pharmacist empowerment
    • * Help create diverse Pharmacy Education & continuous training.
  • * Advocate & initiate capacity building of Pharmacists.